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BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon) Integration Overview for Partners

BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon) is an incentives and rewards management platform.

Our two core solutions are Instant Rewards and Points-to-Rewards.

With Instant Rewards, a recipient is sent a reward after completing an activity. A common use case is sending a respondent a $25 reward for completing a survey.

Instant Rewards

With Points-to-Rewards, a person is awarded points that are accumulated over time and redeemed when a set threshold is reached (similar in concept to airline miles). Points-to-Rewards are typically used with panels and online communities whereby members are awarded points for their ongoing participation and engagement. Within BHN Rewards’ Points-to-Rewards solution, two options for points redemption exist: AutoRewards or Reward Gallery.

With AutoRewards, points are automatically converted to rewards and sent via email when a member reaches a set points threshold. To illustrate: the loyalty program’s minimum threshold for receiving a digital reward is 1,000 points.

A member has 990 points and they complete an activity worth 50 points resulting in a total of 1040 points. Thus, BHN Rewards will automatically email the digital reward to the member and deduct 1000 points from their account balance, leaving them with 40 points.

The Reward Gallery is a more sophisticated solution for reward redemption. BHN Rewards provides our partners with an embeddable widget enabling members to access the Reward Gallery from within the Partner’s platform and creates a shopping experience for the digital reward. This options allow members to accumulate points and redeem their points whenever they so choose.

Embeddable Widget

Minimum Integration Requirements

Account Authentication:

Within a customer’s account, the Partners needs to add BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon) integration settings asking for API user name and API access key. For example:

Account Authentication

Instant Rewards:

For the activity, where you want to send an Instant Reward, display a dropdown box that is populated using the List Campaigns API. To send the reward to the person, the Add Gifts API is used to add the person to the selected campaign.

Rybbon Reward Campaign


When an activity on the Partner’s platform is completed, points need to be awarded / added to the member using the Add Points API.

Points To Rewards

With AutoRewards, the BHN Rewards platform will automatically send the digital reward to the recipient when the points threshold has been reached. No further integration is needed on the partner’s platform.

To display the Reward Gallery within the Partner’s platform, use the Get iFrame URL API. This URL is then embedded in an iFrame’s on the partner’s website that faces the end-users. End-users of the partner’s platform will see a reward gallery from which they can pick the rewards they want to claim. The reward gallery is built in a way that will blend in with the partner platform. Below is an example of what an embedded Reward Gallery can look like:

Embedded Reward Gallery

If Partner Maintains Points Bank

If Partner has their own points bank, BHN Rewards will integrate with partner’s point bank using an API provided by the partner. The partner’s API must provide the following functionalities

Partner must support HTTP basic authentication mechanism to authenticate API access. Partner will need to integrate BHN Rewards’ Reward Gallery into their website using the Get iFrame URL API.