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A simple and effective points-to-rewards solution

By integrating Alida’s total experience management platform directly with BHN Rewards’ PointsJoy solution, you can easily set up survey campaigns that reward respondents. Determine how many points to award for each survey completion and how many points must be earned for a reward. With BHN Rewards’ AutoRewards feature, respondents are automatically sent their digital reward via email when they reach that points threshold.

Alida Integration

Higher response rates, better customer insights

Incentivizing customer experience surveys with BHN Rewards’ points-to-rewards gives Alida clients the tools they need to boost engagement. You can make sure you have enough feedback to provide a representative sample of customers so you get accurate, reliable insights.

Alida Integration

Hassle-free automation

Set up BHN Rewards once and we’ll take it from there.

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