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4-Way Qualtrics Integration

Fits anywhere in your survey workflow

It shouldn’t be hard to reward your survey respondents. The BHN Rewards, formerly Rybbon, integration goes the extra mile to ensure your respondent email syncs — no matter where it’s kept in Qualtrics. BHN Rewards can sync the respondent’s email from the Qualtrics contact record, a survey question or an embedded field.

Qualtrics Integration
2-Way Data Sync

Your data, wherever you need it

Bring Qualtrics data into BHN Rewards’ custom fields to improve tracking and personalization of rewards.

BHN Rewards automatically syncs reward status data — so you can check if a respondent claimed their reward without leaving Qualtrics.

Qualtrics Integration
Reward Instantly or Reward Points

Choose the incentives style that complements your program goals

Reward style

Reward Qualtrics survey respondents instantly. They’ll love choosing from our catalog of e-gift cards, prepaid Visa/Mastercard rewards, and e-donations.

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Reward style

Need to keep participants engaged over time? Reward with points. Your participants earn them for completing needed actions, and cash out later on their perfect reward.

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Learn how researchers use BHN Rewards to see results like a 400% increase in survey response rates and 5 hours saved per project.

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“We started using BHN Rewards with Qualtrics as we were shifting in the relationship between us and those that we serve, moving from transactions to relationships. … The number of responses that we’ve gotten since beginning with BHN Rewards has been tremendous. We’ve had 27,000-plus responses from all over the country.”

Feeding America
Tom SummerfeltChief Research Officer, Feeding America
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