5 Employee Incentive Programs That Work

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5 Employee Incentive Programs That Work

There’s no doubt about it — your employees want recognition.

And while thanking them for a job well done is always appreciated, employee incentive programs can amplify your praise into something more meaningful. Think improved morale, increased motivation, and reduced turnover.

In fact, according to our latest research, 72% of employees are extremely focused on finishing projects and/or achieving goals when they know they can earn rewards and/or recognition.

If you’ve ever shown your appreciation of an employee by giving a gift card, you’ve already witnessed the impact of adding rewards to your verbal or written thanks. When you formalize that action with employee incentive programs, appreciation becomes part of a vibrant workplace culture that fosters stronger, more productive teams.

Not sure where to start? Here are the most effective employee incentive programs to consider adding to your organization.

Points-Based Reward Programs

Your employees are already accruing loyalty points with their favorite eatery, airline or credit card. Why not at work? Employee incentive programs based on points give your organization plenty of opportunities for positive engagement.

That’s because points are:

  • Empowering — Giving points that add up to a gift card offer clear milestones that reward employees for their actions.
  • Flexible — You can award points for any action you like, from completing a special training or project to celebrating a work anniversary.
  • Efficient — Points toward an e-gift card are more cost-effective to manage than branded T-shirts, water bottles and other swag that you have to pay to store and mail.
  • Personal — Points can be turned in for a reward of your employees’ choice, which is far more motivating than something you picked out for them.

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Peer-to-Peer Recognition Programs

Being recognized by direct supervisors is always appreciated. That said, direct supervisors aren’t the only ones who can foster a positive culture of recognition. Employees also value peer-to-peer recognition opportunities like thanking a co-worker for extra help meeting a tight deadline.

Our survey showed that employees want a chance to be praised by their bosses, their leadership teams, and their peers. This is especially true for younger employees: 39% of Gen Z report a desire for peer recognition (vs. 34% overall), and 56% of Millennials want to be recognized by leadership (vs. 48% overall).

The same survey revealed that more employees want to give recognition (85%) than receive it (77%). Could that be why including peer-to-peer recognition in employee incentive programs is gaining momentum?

Wellness Programs

In a 2021 Statista survey, most U.S. employees said wellness programs help them be as productive as possible (79%), help them avoid getting sick (79%) and are one of the reasons they stay at their job (75%).

Employee incentive programs can encourage your teams to take charge of their well-being and avoid burnout. Offer rewards for taking onsite fitness classes, joining a gym, getting a health screening, or attending a meditation class, to name just a few examples.

Sales Incentive Programs

The sales scene has changed drastically over the past few years. Sales reps are increasingly under pressure, with more challenging workloads and fewer resources at their disposal.

Sales leaders report increased turnover/attrition (70%) and say that the talent market has impacted sales recruitment and retention (82%), according to our research.

Rep turnover comes at a cost—namely to your organization’s ROI. Employee incentive programs for your sales team can help bridge the gap between what leadership needs and sales reps want. In fact, 83% of sales reps say receiving rewards and recognition positively impacts their productivity and loyalty.

Seasonal Programs

Do you have a huge deliverable due under a tight timeframe? Do you need every employee to sign up for a new benefit program during the busiest time of year? Have you committed to a charitable endeavor and need employees to volunteer?

Employee incentive programs can help you motivate and inspire your staff to take action on your most pressing plans. When sending digital gift cards to your teams, be sure to also show your appreciation by recognizing them at meetings or on social media. That kind of public recognition goes a long way toward making employees feel as though they matter.

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BHN Rewards puts the power of digital rewards to work for marketers, researchers, and HR managers. Don't forget to check out all the great content in our Resources section!