6 Tips to Incentivize People to Take Surveys for Gift Cards

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    Aug 30, 2022

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6 Tips to Incentivize People to Take Surveys for Gift Cards

Getting your target market to take surveys for gift cards isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Whether you’re collecting surveys for a marketing campaign or academic research, the goal is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of your responses so you get the actionable insights you need.

To help you deliver a five-star experience for participants — and boost your response rates — we’ve rounded up six of our best incentive program tips for collecting surveys.

1. Decide on the Best Distribution Structure

You know that rewards and incentives can increase engagement and help your organization reach its market research goals. But which reward program structure should you choose? Instant rewards, sweepstakes, and points-to-rewards are the most common options.

  • Instant rewards: Just what they sound like — a reward or incentive sent to someone immediately after they complete the task, i.e. answer a survey.
  • Sweepstakes: With a sweepstakes model, you deliver the reward or incentive to only a few of the people who complete the task — and they are selected at random.
  • Points-to-rewards: Points-to-rewards allow participants to collect points for each action they take, and once they reach a certain preset threshold, they can redeem those points for a reward.

Naturally, each one has its pros and cons. Want the best results? Instant rewards are typically most successful. On a really tight budget? Sweepstakes may be your best bet. Looking to build loyalty? Points-to-rewards offers you the chance to weave gamification into your reward program. Compare and contrast the choices with our Cheat Sheet.

2. Determine a Value Compelling Enough for Your Audience

Figuring out the best amount to incentivize people to take surveys for gift cards without killing your budget can be a challenge. You’ll want to consider the level of effort for your audience, the pool of respondents you’re trying to attract, the type of reward you’re offering, and the value of the feedback you’ll be getting. Read more about what you’ll need to consider — and try our formula for calculating the optimal digital reward value.

3. Tailor Your Reward Types for Your Target Market

When you’re trying to attract a specific audience, it pays to offer rewards that resonate with their interests and lifestyle. Digitally savvy students may be more likely to take surveys for gift cards from brands like Google Play or Apple, while busy parents might prefer rewards for meal kits like Hello Fresh and Home Chef. See more examples of how to drive engagement for specific audiences.

4. Consider E-Donations as an Option

If you’re targeting public officials, government employees, doctors, teachers, or other public service professionals, they often won’t be able to accept gifts or monetary rewards like gift cards. A better choice? E-donation rewards that allow recipients to donate the value of their reward to a charitable organization. Not only will this option encourage those working in the public sector to take surveys, it aligns your research with a cause — something that appeals to younger generations who want more meaningful choices. Discover all of the benefits of e-donation rewards.

5. Write an Attention-Grabbing Survey Invitation

Rewards aren’t the only thing contributing to high survey participation rates. A strong invitation email template is the key to getting open rates. Every part of your email, from the sending address and the subject line to the body content and call to action, can incite your audience to take surveys for gift cards. Learn some of the best practices to follow when crafting your survey invite.

6. Use an Integrated Incentives Platform

Managing the distribution of gift cards can be time-consuming and take team members away from other business-critical tasks. An integrated incentives platform that sends digital gift cards to respondents immediately and automatically upon survey completion will free up your team to focus on survey content and other deliverables. Find out more about effective incentives management.

Distributing digital rewards is a lot easier with a great rewards management platform. Take a product tour and then contact us to set up a demo!

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BHN Rewards puts the power of digital rewards to work for marketers, researchers, and HR managers. Don't forget to check out all the great content in our Resources section!