7 Ways to Use Gifting with HubSpot

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    Brenda Stoltz

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    Jun 01, 2018

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7 Ways to Use Gifting with HubSpot

How do you drive more referrals, get more responses to your surveys or get those stalled deals back on track?  By gifting with HubSpot, you can do those and more without adding more work to your to-do list.

Smart marketers know small gifts can have a big impact. Smart gifting can help a business build better relationships too. Too often we only think of gifting around the holidays — or as a way to impress our best clients or prospects. The truth is gifting is helping businesses grow everyday — and the availability of digital gifts like Amazon and Visa Gift cards, along with ability to integrate them into HubSpot makes it easy to launch and run gifting programs.

Gifting with HubSpot using eGift cards or prepaid cards allows you to leave a positive impression on your contacts. Gifting does so faster, easier and more efficiently than with traditional gifts. Ever wonder if someone opened a gift you sent them? You can track the success of your gift acceptance by using tools like the Rybbon integration with HubSpot. You can also get refunds on unclaimed gifts, saving your company money.

Here are 7 ways you can use gifting with HubSpot to grow your pipeline, drive more sales and build better relationships with your customers:

1. Marketing Surveys

Marketers conducting surveys use gifting to drive better results. You can use gift cards, prepaid cards or e-donations to give rewards to survey respondents.

You can use the rewards for completed surveys, focus groups, customer interviews or user research.

By delivering the reward to your respondent immediately, you’ll increase the potential for higher responses. The incentives can even be set up to let the recipient choose the gift of their choice.

Best of all, you can do this without leaving HubSpot. It easy to do. Send surveys through HubSpot survey integrations. Then send gifts to respondents with Rybbon.

You can avoid having to track payouts manually when using HubSpot and Rybbon. Rybbon allows you to gift with the ability to track acceptance. And, if any of the gifts go unclaimed, you can get a 100 percent refund to save your company money for the next project.

For your next survey, thank your respondents for taking the time to help you. Send them  a gift card or prepaid card from you in a branded email from your company.

2. Referral Rewards

Every business wants more referrals. How many different tactics has your business tried to get more referrals to your company?

If you haven’t tried gifting, then you might be missing out on a simple way to boost the results in your referral program.

By using the HubSpot workflow automation, you can reward clients and customers for referrals. It’s easy to set up a simple and automatic process to reward them instantly when they send qualified leads to your business. Keep your business at the their top of their minds for future referrals.

Capture leads, track progress and deliver rewards all within HubSpot and Rybbon. Spend time building up your marketing or business rather than spending time purchasing and tracking gifts.

3. Driving Sales Meeting / Demos / Consultations

Don’t be another demo on a long list your buyer needs to sit through. Gifting those who attend your sales meetings, demos or consultations is a great way to leave an impression. And you won’t come off like you are trying to buy their account.

Your prospects are bombarded with sales invites. A great way to pique their interest in your product or service is to gift a donation to a charity of their choice, or with a small eGift card to show your appreciation.

You can also use gifting for pre-sales assessments. This also allows you to send targeted content to your audience. HubSpot and Rybbon allow you to manage your sales pipeline and manage multiple gifting programs at the same time. Best of all, it’s easy to keep track of all gifts and expenses to monitor your success.

Using gifting with HubSpot in your sales program gives you the opportunity to increase engagement with your company.

4. Holiday Gifting

Holiday gifting used to mean shopping to find the “perfect” gift for a client or prospect even though you never knew if they would like what you selected. The alternative was picking out gifts of low value or sending something with your company logo — and you know they wouldn’t want it.

By gifting with HubSpot + Rybbon, you can set up a selection of gift choices for your recipient. They can choose a gift or select a charitable organization for a donation. This offers flexibility, instant delivery and the choices can come from many options across the globe.

With the HubSpot-Rybbon workflow, you can do your holiday shopping in less than 10 minutes. Get your eGift cards delivered to all your important prospects and customers quickly — without ever stepping foot in a store.

5. Thanking Webinar Attendees to Drive Webinar Attendance

A webinar with 35-45 percent attendance is considered good in business-to-business marketing. But you want to do better right?

With so many marketers trying the same tactics these days, why not stand out by offering an eGift card for coffee for morning webinars? The incentive can help you improve sign ups, which should help boost attendance. More people on a webinar means more chances to purchase or sign up for your free trial.

You can spend hours doing manual outreach, social posting and email blasts to get people to your next webinar. Or you can consider doing it the easy way by sending a gift card via Rybbon. By gifting with HubSpot, you can set up the workflow to send your gifts on autopilot.

6. Thanking Product Reviewers to Drive Product Reviews

Whether it’s G2 Crowd, Amazon, Capterra or another reviewer-driven content site, there’s a good chance your buyers are researching your product there. So you need reviews letting everyone know you have the best product in your class.

The problem, of course, is getting people to leave reviews. It’s not easy. You can send email after email practically begging people to sing your praises. Or, you can boost your response by gifting with Rybbon. Let would-be reviewers know you appreciate their time with a gift card treat as a thank you for leaving a review.

7. Win-back Campaigns – Getting Lost or Stalled Deals to Re-engage

If you’ve ever thought about how you could jumpstart a stalled or lost sales deal, here’s an idea. Why not offer your prospects a small eGift card, prepaid card or donation to ask them to reconsider going over the details?

Gifting with HubSpot could be the dialogue starter you need to send a new quote. It could start the discussion to  make your prospect agree to close a small part of the deal. And, you can open up possibilities for the future.

Don’t be afraid to try gifting to re-ignite the conversation for your team.

Gifting gives you a small way to make a big impression on your recipient. Don’t think of gifting as just giving a cash gift, either. You can use charitable donations and many other options when you gift through Rybbon via HubSpot.

You’ll get trusted delivery of your gifts in HubSpot emails — delivered from your domain with your own branding. Plus, recipients will recognize your gift among the many emails in today’s crowded inboxes. You’ll create a memorable experience for the recipient.

That small $5 or $10 donation or eGift card could lead to big deals for your company in the future.

Get started with Rybbon for HubSpot today at https://www.bhnrewards.com/hubspot-integration. Rybbon is the only integrated gifting partner for the top marketing & survey platforms – Marketo, HubSpot, SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics, and was recently named a HubSpot Connect Certified Partner.


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Brenda Stoltz

Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.

Brenda has over 20 years of experience building, selling and marketing products for F100 and start-ups.