Drive Community Engagement with Rybbon and Tribe

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    Jan 19, 2021

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Drive Community Engagement with Rybbon and Tribe

Communities rely on member engagement and contributions for success. It is important to sustain a high level of engagement to keep your community alive. But, how do you encourage members to get – and stay – involved?

Rewards are a proven way to foster a productive, lasting relationship with your community members. They enable you to deliver consistent value and you should regularly reward them for active participation. By recognizing and rewarding community contributions, you motivate your members to share more.

Worried that rewards are too complicated? It’s an understandable concern: rewards have the potential to be time-consuming and complicated. Manually sending them out can take quite a bit of administrative effort. The potential for human mistakes, especially if you have community members in multiple countries, can lead to expensive errors.

Here’s the good news: Rybbon has teamed up with Tribe to make driving engagement easy. Using Tribe’s community platform and Zapier, you can now integrate Rybbon’s coins-to-rewards incentives to help you reach your community goals. Read on to learn how to automate coins-to-rewards within your community for an easy, effective engagement boost.


Motivate Desired Actions Within Your Tribe Community

Tribe is a powerful, flexible platform for building branded communities. You can take advantage of its out-of-the-box social media style, or plug in a social network software using widgets and APIs. Members can explore, follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment, and share multiple types of content. The options are endless within the fully customizable Tribe platform!

Tribe’s Zapier integration with Rybbon enables you to automatically award coins when members complete desired actions. Members can later redeem these coins for desirable rewards. The best part: the coins scale, as well as the actions they are awarded for, are completely up to you! Here are just a few ideas on how this integration can be leveraged:

  • Host a competition within your community that offers a sizable amount of coins for the best user-generated content. For example: have everyone upload a 30-second clip on their favorite part of the latest product update. The video that earns the most likes wins 100 coins!
  • Have a member that’s always answering questions and helping others? Recognize their contributions with coins. They’ll appreciate it, and it’ll encourage other members to speak up, too.
  • Increase response rates on surveys within your community by awarding coins upon survey completion. Have members that are just always providing awesome feedback and moving along qualitative research? Award coins for that, too!

Using Zapier, you can seamlessly add Rybbon’s rewards via Tribe’s Virtual Currency app. Rybbon’s automation will save you time, and our 100% refund policy on unclaimed rewards will save you money. Your members will get to choose from our exciting catalog of global rewards that includes e-gift cards from top brands, prepaid Visa and Mastercard rewards, and e-donations.


Connecting Rybbon and Tribe via Zapier

Integrating Rybbon with Tribe via Zapier makes it easier than ever to build excitement around your community. Virtual coins can be redeemed immediately, empowering your members and getting you closer to your community goals.

The best part: no need to worry about the location each member is in, or which rewards would work where. Rybbon automatically curates country-appropriate reward options in the correct currency based on the recipient’s location. 

This integration currently requires both the Zapier app and Webhooks app to work alongside the Virtual Currency app. As the Webhooks app is a Premium app within the Tribe App Store, you’ll need a Tribe Premium plan to get started. Here are the steps to set up the integration:


Step 1: Install the Virtual Currency app and set up the rewards


Step 2: Install and enable the Zapier app in your community


Step 3: Install the Webhooks app and set a trigger for virtual currency redemption


Step 4: Create a Zap and catch the Webhook event for virtual currency redemption


Step 5: Send the gift card and customize the email message as you deem fit


And that’s it! Have more questions? Check out Tribe’s knowledge base article to get a detailed understanding of this integration. Or, contact Rybbon today to learn more about how rewards can work for you.

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Rida Khan

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.