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Rybbon Automates Rewards for Checkbox.com Surveys

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    Rida Khan

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    Sep 21, 2020

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    Company News

Rybbon Automates Rewards for Checkbox.com Surveys

Rybbon announces its latest partnership, providing automated rewards for Checkbox.com’s enterprise survey software solutions . Widely respected for its feature-rich platform, Checkbox provides affordable survey solutions for organizations, teams, and individuals. Since 2002, Checkbox has been helping customers large and small succeed by offering one of the most flexible and professional survey software and online survey tools on the market. And now, with Checkbox’s integration with Rybbon , respondents can also leverage that flexibility to choose a reward they’ll love.

Rybbon’s collaboration enhances the Checkbox experience by driving higher survey response rates through rewards for respondents. Prior to the partnership with Rybbon, Checkbox users who wanted to offer rewards or incentives to their survey respondents had to manually add these rewards to their survey thank you pages or emails. The integration with Rybbon will allow Checkbox users to automate the survey reward redemption process. The rewards create an incentive for participants to complete a survey thoroughly. Rybbon’s partnership with Checkbox ultimately increases survey data validity by promoting increased and balanced response rates .


Offer Customized Rewards to Checkbox Recipients

Checkbox survey creators can choose from numerous types of rewards that are specific to their recipients’ location(s), including retail e-gift cards, virtual prepaid rewards, and charitable e-donations. Rewards can be distributed automatically or upon manual approval. Checkbox is also able to communicate with Rybbon to verify the email address of a recipient, for added security. With Rybbon, there are plenty of options available – and no worries about expensive mistakes regarding currencies or per-country reward acceptance. 


Set-Up is Easy

Checkbox survey creators will log into their Rybbon account to set up a rewards campaign and generate a unique reward URL that they can then redirect to from their Checkbox survey.

Survey rewards can be applied to any market sector, from government and public opinion surveys to patient care and market research. Data security is protected and meets stringent requirements . The process is automatic and safe from survey delivery to reward redemption.


Set up a Rybbon account for free and start sending rewards with your Checkbox surveys in minutes.

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Rida Khan

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.