4 Ways to Use the BHN Rewards Integration With the HubSpot CRM to Boost Engagement

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    Jun 29, 2022

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4 Ways to Use the BHN Rewards Integration With the HubSpot CRM to Boost Engagement

For marketing and sales teams, connecting with prospects, leads, and customers in a meaningful way can be a challenge. Despite incredible marketing campaigns, well-crafted sales emails, and thoughtful outreach strategies, many teams will hit a plateau and struggle to see their outreach met with audience engagement.

In a similar vein, people operations teams need to build a winning company culture that makes every employee feel as though they’re being included and are part of the team. In a competitive hiring landscape, delighting team members with employee swag or other onboarding incentives can be the difference between high turnover rates and maintaining loyal, longtime employees.

Combining the power of BHN Rewards’ digital rewards platform with the HubSpot CRM and automation tools means that you can implement strategic rewards and personalized gifts at scale, targeting customers, prospects, or anyone in your contact database at just the right time with just the right thing.

Let’s explore the ways that marketing, sales, and human resources teams at midsize and enterprise companies can use the BHN Rewards integration with HubSpot to automate digital rewards and boost audience engagement.

Benefits of Using BHN Rewards Automated Rewards With the HubSpot CRM

Any team that has used an individual outreach tool, and then grown significantly, knows the potential impact of slow processes. Say you start offering a $25 gift card for attending product demos and providing feedback. Then, you get 5,000 signups for the next demo. Those registrants may not get their reward for weeks or even months, depending on the size and priorities of your team.

With the BHN Rewards integration with HubSpot, users can automate rewards based on a contact’s actions, like attending an event or joining a new team. No manual list management required.

Here are a few benefits of using BHN Rewards with the HubSpot CRM.

1. Streamline gifting processes and reduce administrative work

Manually purchasing batches of gift cards, filling out expense reports, and distributing the rewards is tedious and leaves room for error. Instead of spending hours per day on these processes, you can automate rewards to be sent using HubSpot workflows and lists.

2. Improve marketing and sales engagement, build your pipeline, and close more deals

Rewards that hold monetary value are an attractive incentive to many consumers. Research shows that a $10 incentive can increase the likelihood of someone returning a survey by 30% and boost the number of returned surveys by 18%. And 72% of recipients are highly satisfied with getting digital incentives as a payment, incentive, or rebate. That means these types of rewards can be used in many different ways, whether it’s collecting more feedback, encouraging attendance at webinars and sales demos, or driving participation in customer communities. 

3. Access an extensive catalog of rewards, from gift cards to e-donations, through one single platform

When BHN Rewards’ extensive catalog of reward options is combined with HubSpot’s visibility into customer habits, businesses that use these tools together can provide digital rewards that their customers genuinely enjoy. No more using your “best guess” to choose a reward — use real data that points to definite customer satisfaction.

Using BHN Rewards With HubSpot to Maximize Conversions

BHN Rewards and HubSpot together can be used for market research, marketing campaigns, academic research, and employee rewards. It takes just a few minutes to set up the tools and start sending out rewards to your most valuable customers, survey participants, and employees. BHN Rewards keeps track of every reward sent and immediately sends data to HubSpot, so there is no lapse in data.

Let’s look at three unique use cases for the BHN Rewards and HubSpot integration:

1. Automatically send rewards to demo attendees

When a prospect signs up for a demo, they can be put into a HubSpot workflow and automatically receive a digital reward via BHN Rewards. Offering rewards increases the number of demo sign-ups and reduces no-shows by communicating to users that you appreciate their business and interest.

For example, Ben Sosalla from Quincy Bioscience created a training module to help his organization communicate its value. Once a contact answered a few questions and watched a video, they filled out a HubSpot form to receive a digital reward. Before using BHN Rewards and HubSpot, Ben employed a tedious, manual process to send gift cards to participants.

“I was manually uploading to Starbucks one batch at a time,” he says. “It was a nightmare. I would have to upload each batch group by group and file an expense report for each one. It would take well over 30 minutes per batch, and now it takes 30 seconds. I just go into BHN Rewards and check the status of the campaign and who is waiting for a gift, then approve.”

2. Send a reward via BHN Rewards when a HubSpot contact reaches a lead score of 100

Customers no longer have to wait for you to authenticate their lead score, because HubSpot has done it for them. As soon as HubSpot determines a user is eligible for a reward, your BHN Rewards integration will send the reward — the process is automatic and immediate! This creates goodwill with your brand and gives you another touchpoint with the prospect. Each touchpoint further strengthens your relationship and increases the likelihood that you will have another loyal customer.

Also, since there’s a two-way data sync between HubSpot and BHN Rewards, their HubSpot record will update when the person claims their reward, giving another reason to reach out and set up a demo or try to make a sale.

3. Follow up with digital rewards for trade show contacts

When your business collects emails from a trade show, you can automatically enroll them in a HubSpot workflow that includes an email nurture. With BHN Rewards, you can send out an initial welcome email that includes a digital reward that you pre-select, or let them choose the reward they want — making the conference swag experience totally contactless.

The reward can encourage the contact to sign up for a demo. To continue the conversation, HubSpot users can set an automation that sends a follow-up email after the reward to increase the number of touchpoints with leads. That email might be a survey about their satisfaction with the digital gift, more information about your product or service, or a “freebie” that communicates your organization’s value.

Using HubSpot with BHN Rewards to engage attendees helps extend the impact of events long after they end.

4. Welcome newly onboarded employees and reward high performers

HR teams are busy trying to make sure that orientation, onboarding, and ongoing employee management run smoothly. Never mind sourcing candidates, hiring, and training new hires. Using BHN Rewards and HubSpot, people operations teams and managers can thank employees, drive high performance, and incentivize employee self-care to help reduce burnout — automatically. Create workflows that send a new employee a welcome message and gift after a certain amount of time with the company, or reward seasoned employees based on performance.

Integrate BHN Rewards With the HubSpot CRM

There are many ways your organization can take advantage of the BHN Rewards integration with HubSpot. These four use cases are only a taste of what these powerful tools can provide. Whether you already have a reward system that you need to streamline or you’re interested in building one from the ground up, you can reach and exceed your goals with the latest in rewards and automation technology.

Contact us or try the BHN Rewards integration with HubSpot to discover all the creative ways you can incorporate rewards and gifting into your company growth strategy.

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BHN Rewards integrates with leading marketing, survey, research, and community platforms to streamline rewards management and delivery. We like to share our partners' expertise and best practices to help you get better results.

BHN Rewards integrates with leading marketing, survey, research, and community platforms to streamline rewards management and delivery. We like to share our partners' expertise and best practices to help you get better results.