An Employee Rewards Platform Helps You Show More Appreciation

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    Hannah Prince

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    Apr 14, 2022

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An Employee Rewards Platform Helps You Show More Appreciation

Showing appreciation for employees is becoming more and more important, especially in light of recent trends. With high staff turnover and increased work from home, many companies are building or expanding employee programs. But adding more rewards, while benefiting employee satisfaction, can create a lot of extra administrative work for managers and human resources teams. That’s why an employee rewards platform is helpful when you want to scale your programs.

The Hassle of Traditional Employee Gifts

Many companies run their employee appreciation programs by giving out branded swag items like shirts and plaques. That means placing orders, paying for shipping, and waiting for delivery, with even more hassle if you’re hoping to get personalized gifts. It also makes it much harder to reward those who work remotely, a widespread practice now.

More teams are starting to understand that what employees really want are gift cards. In fact, 65% of people prefer to receive prepaid cards and gift cards from their employers, according to Blackhawk Network research. They’re the top choice by nearly three to one over other rewards, such as additional vacation days, food, physical gifts, and office parties.

Buying and distributing gift cards is certainly easier, particularly when you opt for digital gift cards. But placing bulk purchases of cards and entering each employee’s email address separately can still be tedious and time-consuming.  

The Benefits of an Employee Rewards Platform

If building an employee rewards program or growing the one you have is going to be a key element of your strategy to engage and retain staff, you need a functional, convenient solution to streamline the process. Implementing an employee rewards platform like BHN Rewards offers many advantages:

  • It saves time. Sourcing each gift card independently is a lot of work, and even more if you want to give out different types of gift cards to different teams or for different accomplishments. With an employee rewards platform, you can find a wide range of digital gift cards in one place.
  • It makes it easy to offer multiple reward options. Not only can employers choose from a great range of cards, but they can also customize the reward for each campaign. That allows you to make sure the gift card and value are appropriate for the program, whether it’s rewarding top performers or celebrating milestones. You can even allow recipients to choose their preferred reward and streamline the process of rewarding your international employees.
  • It keeps all tracking information in a single location. An employee rewards platform ensures that you know who receives rewards, how many have been claimed, and how many you have available to distribute. This makes it easy for HR and other managers to track their rewards budgets and see the success of their programs.

Grow Your Employee Appreciation Programs With BHN Rewards

You’ll find all these benefits and more in BHN Rewards’ best-in-class rewards management tool. It lets you create multiple campaigns and manage them seamlessly, meaning you can expand your employee rewards but not the administrative burden. With BHN Rewards’ wide selection of digital gift cards and prepaid cards, your employees will be able to choose a reward they’ll love. In addition, our Smart Global Choice feature is key for international companies, since it can automatically curate a list of available rewards based on each recipient’s country.

Contact us today to learn more about why BHN Rewards is the best employee rewards platform for your team!

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Hannah Prince

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.