TrustRadius Simplifies Global Rewarding with Rybbon

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    Nov 23, 2020

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TrustRadius Simplifies Global Rewarding with Rybbon

Launched in 2012, TrustRadius has established itself as a leading review site for business technology. More than 1.2 million buyers, many from enterprise-class companies, use TrustRadius monthly to make more informed purchasing decisions. They rely on TrustRadius, in part, because of the content quality, as the reviews are 10 times the length of the average customer reviews. Placing a premium on content quality and data integrity, TrustRadius offers unbiased and insightful reviews for almost 200 leading tech brands. From established software powerhouses to high-growth start-ups, they also help vendors better leverage their customers’ voices for maximum marketing impact.


When Global Rewards Are a Nightmare

As the Office Operations Manager for TrustRadius, Katie Kyle juggles many tasks including managing digital rewards for the company’s incentivized reviews. Admittedly, Katie inherited the relatively new rewards program after it had been handed down amongst employees; it wasn’t very efficient yet.

Despite enlisting a vendor platform to help manage their rewards, Katie still found herself spending four hours every Tuesday on what she called “Gift Card Day.” On this particular day, Katie processed as many as 400-500 gift cards for reviewers in the U.S, Australia, and Europe, accounting for variations in currency and values. She then tracked those gift cards manually in a spreadsheet. With the business rapidly scaling, this process would soon become unmanageable.

While she was doling out rewards for TrustRadius’ reviewers, Tuesdays felt more like a punishment for Katie. Not to mention, this tedious process—which took up to 14-16 hours each week—was certainly not the best use of her time and talent.


Rybbon Saves TrustRadius 60 Hours a Month

When Katie shared her frustration at a networking event, a colleague shared how Rybbon could make delivering rewards easier. Katie had evaluated many alternatives, but none seemed to be a good fit for her needs – until she connected with a Rybbon Rewards Specialist and saw a demo of the all-in-one solution. “I was immediately pumped because Rybbon understood every problem we had,” she said. “The dream is that someone puts up a review and automatically gets a reward.” (Good news, Katie. Some dreams do come true!)

TrustRadius started a paid trial and saw quickly how Rybbon’s robust reporting and tracking features made rewards easier to account for. In a couple of clicks, Katie could pull up the reviewer’s record to see whether or not they’d both received and redeemed their gift. Now “Gift Card Day” had become “Gift Card Hour,” reducing her workload by 90%!

But wait, it gets better. Just five months later, TrustRadius received a free update that gave them access to Rybbon’s new Global Choice feature. This smart feature automatically assigns each recipient’s reward choices based on their country and currency. All Katie had to do was specify the reward value in USD and the recipients have the option to claim any equivalent reward that works in their home country. This takes the stress and guesswork out of managing issues like country acceptance, currency issuance, and expiration dates, which vary by country.

The best news of all? The introduction of Global Choice reduced the time it took for Katie to implement their rewards program again – this time to mere minutes each week.


“It just took me ten minutes from start to finish to send gift cards. I’m crying happy tears! I owe you and everyone on your team a drink.” -Katie Kyle, TrustRadius


(Cheers, Katie! We’re glad you made the switch and got all of that time back!)


Global Choice Means Better Deliverability and Happier Reviewers Across the Globe

It’s not just Katie who is giving their partnership with Rybbon rave reviews. She was met with cheers when she introduced Global Choice to TrustRadius’ customer support and sales teams, who appreciate its ease for their international reviewers.

Since using Rybbon’s platform, TrustRadius has had stellar email deliverability and redemption rates, and far fewer rewards landing in spam folders. Their reviewers are happy too. Amazon gift cards used to be their only reward option, but now participants on four continents have more choices including entertainment, retail, and ridesharing businesses. With Global Choice, you’ll have your reward recipients saying “Merci,” “Cheers, mate,” or “Dhanyavaad!”


Are You Ready to Live the Dream?

Managing global rewards shouldn’t make your head spin. Rybbon’s all-in-one solution for sending, tracking, and managing your digital rewards is trusted by more than a thousand brands. Request a free demo to learn more about how Rybbon’s Global Choice can save you time, money and stress.

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Rida Khan

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.