Integrating Incentives for Engaged Customers Into Your Martech Stack

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    Hannah Prince

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    Jun 30, 2022

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    Digital Marketing

Integrating Incentives for Engaged Customers Into Your Martech Stack

There are countless ways to use incentives for engaged customers and prospects to generate loyalty, create brand advocates, bring in new leads, and close deals. But managing rewards can be a full-time job, and no marketer has time to add those administrative tasks to their day. By integrating your rewards and marketing tools, though, you can reap the benefits without the burden.

Marketo, HubSpot, Talkable, Zapier — these and so many more platforms have helped streamline and automate your marketing efforts. A digital rewards management solution like BHN Rewards can work with your existing workflows to enhance the effectiveness of those efforts. Not convinced? Here are just a few of the major advantages of using integrated tools to manage incentives for engaged customers and prospects.

Sync Data Between Systems

When your marketing and rewards platforms can talk to each other, it means they can pass data back and forth. This two-way sync makes it much easier to track every aspect in one place. You’ll have 100% visibility at both the campaign and program levels.

Use Triggers to Automate Delivery

Take the manual work out of sending rewards by setting up workflows in your marketing, referral, or community platform. The integration allows you to set triggers, so when a contact completes a certain action, their reward is sent automatically and instantly via email. For instance, offer incentives for engaged customers who complete a feedback survey or submit a referral.

Create More Touchpoints for Leads and Customers

The two-way sync also updates a recipient’s contact record when they open their reward email or claim their digital gift card. That activity data creates more opportunities for you to reach out with your message. Send an automatic email that thanks them for redeeming their reward and gives them another call to action so they can engage further. Or set up notifications for your sales team so they can initiate a follow-up cadence.

BHN Rewards Makes Integrations Easy

When you’re evaluating digital rewards management solutions, their integration capabilities are an important factor in your decision. For instance, BHN Rewards has native integrations with many leading marketing platforms, including HubSpot, Marketo, Talkable, Yotpo, and Zapier, as well as survey tools such as Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. It also brings points-to-rewards functionality, so you can easily offer incentives for engaged customers who participate in your community on platforms like Krealinks and Alida.

Using BHN Rewards to integrate rewards into your marketing campaigns offers a number of other advantages to help save your team time, such as:

  • Streamlined international rewarding. If you have prospects and customers all over the globe, you can incentivize them all without any extra effort, thanks to the Smart Global Choice feature. BHN Rewards detects the location of each recipient and automatically curates a list of available awards in their country and local currency. There’s no worrying over where a gift card can be redeemed or what the conversion rate should be.
  • Trusted delivery. BHN Rewards lets you send reward emails from your own authorized. This means the address is never spoofed, making the message highly deliverable and recognizable. Rewards can’t help your marketing campaigns if they end up in spam filters or are accidentally deleted. Plus, trusted delivery ensures that your team won’t have to take time to field calls and emails from participants saying that they didn’t receive their reward.
  • Full, automated refunds on unclaimed rewards. No matter what, there are always some recipients who never redeem their reward — maybe they forgot about it or had it sent to an email address that they don’t check regularly. Once the redemption window closes, your BHN Rewards account is automatically refunded with the value of the unclaimed rewards. This means your team won’t have to track down any missing funds and can make their budget go further.

Want to see some real-world results? Find out how SmartBug Media and Quincy Bioscience used BHN Rewards’ simple HubSpot integration to save time while building their programs’ success!

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Hannah Prince

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.