How Pandora’s Consumer Insights Team Leverages Rewards

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    Rida Khan

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    Feb 26, 2020

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How Pandora’s Consumer Insights Team Leverages Rewards

Have you heard of Pandora? Better question — who hasn’t heard of Pandora? The music giant is a well-known trailblazer in the streaming space. Here’s what you may not know: It’s also blazing trails in the consumer insights space! Learn how our innovative customer Pandora improved survey respondents’ participation and engagement using BHN Rewards. They also save hours and dollars along the way.

Keeping Panel Members Engaged Can be Hard

Pandora’s research team manages an exclusive online research panel called the Soundboard, which includes over 75,000 Pandora listeners. This panel is used to collect feedback on topics related to Pandora and its advertising partners. With the Soundboard panel, Pandora provides proprietary data-driven insights that are relevant to its advertising clients, across categories and topics. But this valuable stream of insights has not always been consistent. After the Soundboard launched, Pandora tried different incentives to keep panelists engaged.

Melissa Paris, Pandora’s Senior Director of Sales Research, recognizes the challenges.

“We’ve used various incentives over time, to varying degrees of success,” Paris says. “We have struggled to keep panelists satisfied and incentives flowing without issues.”

The Soundboard has undergone costly transitions in its attempts to keep panelists engaged. Past incentives programs resulted in frustrations for both internal and external stakeholders. They brought reward eligibility issues, long administrative hours, and unreliable rewards processes.

BHN Rewards’ Qualtrics Integration Creates a Smooth Experience

BHN Rewards, as a seamless integrated solution that works with Qualtrics, proved to be the key to success. “For the past six months, we’ve been working with BHN Rewards to manage and deliver our incentives,” Paris says. “Our experience has been very smooth. BHN Rewards has removed a lot of internal friction for us, and our panelists are more engaged than ever!”

With BHN Rewards, the Soundboard team does not sacrifice long administrative hours. Nor do they worry about undelivered rewards. Instead, they trust our automated instant reward delivery and tracking. Now, they can focus on what’s important: market research insights.

The Soundboard team has seen improvements in data, insights, and even internal productivity. “We’ve had far fewer listener complaints about missing rewards than ever! This leads to more satisfied customers,” Paris explains. “We’re able to spend less time managing incentives and troubleshooting errors.” Using BHN Rewards has led to higher satisfaction for both Pandora’s users and employees. Both internal and external customers have seen the value of their new incentives program.

How Automated Rewards Make Everyone Happy

BHN Rewards’ incentives management process enables a continuous data stream for the Soundboard.

“BHN Rewards is a seamless way to reward and incentivize your consumers. It allows you to devote more time to focus on market research insights.”

With these insights, Pandora knows its users better and allows them to provide actionable insights to their advertising partners to better resonate with consumers. Results like these are why we stress the importance of the customer experience. When our customers hit their goals using our incentives, we have achieved ours.

Want to know your customers like Pandora knows theirs? Check out these best practices for integrating rewards directly into Qualtrics!

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Rida Khan

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.