Send a B2B Gift Card to These 9 Kinds of Customers

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    Feb 21, 2024

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Send a B2B Gift Card to These 9 Kinds of Customers

Rewarding customers is just as important for B2B companies as it is in the B2C world, since it can help your organization generate leads, improve retention rates, grow advocacy programs, and ultimately, enhance revenue.

Whether recognizing your tried-and-true customers or those who have a complaint, a B2B gift card can help your business build the kind of relationships that are good for your bottom line.

There are lots of opportunities where you should consider sending a B2B gift card. Don’t miss your chance to delight all kinds of customers — including these nine.

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The New Customer

We don’t have to tell you that competition can be fierce in B2B markets. Your brand-new customers could have gone with your rival, but they chose your brand instead. Start the partnership off right with a B2B gift card reward to welcome them.

A prepaid Mastercard or Visa, for instance, can be used in more than 150 countries, making it ideal for celebrating new international business relationships. And because it is so widely accepted, it’s a great, flexible option in the U.S., too.

The Repeat or Loyal Customer

These days, customers are more willing to switch brands than ever before, especially with how easy it is to search for other options and check out reviews online. You need to show appreciation for those who are sticking with you.

Give a B2B gift card on the anniversary of their relationship with you to remind them how much you value their business.

The One Who Upgraded

For many B2B companies, upselling and cross-selling are a major contributor to revenue. Offering a reward to a customer who expands their deal is a good way to nurture long-term relationships.

A B2B gift card not only shows you value their partnership, it also creates goodwill that can set the stage for their participation in a case study or white paper as part of your marketing efforts.

The Advocate

These days, your reputation is critical for attracting new customers and keeping your current ones coming back. Those who advocate for your brand by leaving online reviews, spreading the word on social media, telling their story in a case study, and more can play an important role in your lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Be sure to match the amount of the B2B gift card with their level of effort. For example, unlike retail product reviews, a B2B review is also a reflection of your customers’ professional reputation. Because they will need time to craft sentiments that make both of you look good online, consider giving more than the cost of their favorite Starbucks or Dunkin’ drink.

The One Who Left a Negative Comment on a Review Site or Social Media

You need to pay just as close of attention to those who leave bad reviews as those who write positive ones. Simply reaching out directly to correct their issue and offer an appeasement reward can be the difference between losing and retaining a customer. Not to mention that they might amend their review to talk about your great service and how you made it right.

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The One Who Provided Valuable Feedback on a New Product or Feature

Beta testers or preview customers are essential for many B2B companies because they provide valuable feedback to ensure you’re going to market with the most competitive offerings. Incentivizing current customers to give their assessment with a B2B gift card is a great way to collect the intel you need.

The One Who Didn’t Renew

Running a win-back campaign with rewards can help you engage with customers who didn’t buy from you again. Even if you can’t get them to come back, you may at least be able to learn more about why they left so you can improve your products or services for your customers going forward.

The One Who Called in With a Problem

Engagement is the key to maintaining relationships with your B2B customers. So if a client takes the time to call you about a problem, show them that you’re committed to making it right by giving them a gift for their trouble. Be sure to personalize the B2B gift card with their name and an apology that clearly shows it’s not just an automated message.

The One Who Referred a Friend or Colleague

Businesses are built on referrals. Consider giving thank-you gifts to both your customer who made the referral as well as the new customer coming on board. Professionals often stake their own reputation on the referrals they make, and those are some of the hottest leads for a B2B company, so it’s a good idea to recognize how much it means to your organization.

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BHN Rewards puts the power of digital rewards to work for marketers, researchers, and HR managers. Don't forget to check out all the great content in our Resources section!