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Rybbon and Alida Boost Voice of the Customer With Points-to-Rewards Solution

  • author

    Kristy Hartman

  • posted

    Jan 18, 2022

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    Digital Marketing, Market Research

Rybbon and Alida Boost Voice of the Customer With Points-to-Rewards Solution

Understanding what your customers want and expect is key to any business’s success, but uncovering those insights can take a lot of effort. You need to collect broad customer feedback, which means getting responses that are representative of your entire customer base. Rybbon can help by incentivizing survey participation and increasing response rates, and in addition, we’ve now partnered with Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), to amplify the voice of the customer.

Incentives Increase Customer Engagement and Participation

On average, survey response rates range between 10% and 15%, making it challenging to draw actionable conclusions. By combining Alida’s leading customer experience management (CXM) platform with Rybbon, Alida clients will have all the tools necessary to boost engagement with points and rewards. Incentives help ensure that you get enough accurate data and the insights you need to deliver extraordinary experiences and build lasting customer relationships. In fact, Rybbon customers can see their response rates increase by as much as 400%.

Our ongoing collaboration with Alida begins by prioritizing our PointsJoy solution, which encompasses Rybbon’s AutoRewards for automatic gifting. PointsJoy is a unique, easy-to-implement digital rewards solution that lets respondents accumulate points so they continue to stay engaged over time. 

PointsJoy streamlines points-to-rewards programs by:

  • Allowing Alida clients to determine the number of points to award to respondents for a completed survey.
  • Letting respondents accumulate points up to a predetermined threshold, which is set by the client.
  • Automatically sending a reward email to the respondent once they have reached that points threshold. The respondent can then redeem their points for their desired digital reward.

While PointsJoy provides many benefits, one of its primary attributes is its ability to simplify points management. It also has several ways for Alida clients to monitor their budget on an ongoing basis and minimize their financial liability from respondents who try to cash in too many points at once. For example, Rybbon’s AutoReward feature automatically distributes a reward to any respondent who reaches your preset points threshold, thus preventing the respondent from collecting unlimited points. If the AutoReward points threshold is set to 1,000, a respondent who reaches that number is automatically sent their reward and 1,000 points are deducted from their total. 

Want more tips on boosting your customer experience engagement? Watch our on-demand webinar with Rybbon and Alida to learn lessons from top CXM teams.

Exceptional Response Rates Begin With an Exceptional Rewards Program 

The Rybbon and Alida partnership provides a native integration within the Alida platform that makes it easy for clients to quickly and effortlessly boost voice of the customer response rates. Rybbon’s ever-growing selection of digital rewards lets you incentivize participants all over the world. You can create a curated list of reward options for respondents in each country you target, or you can let Rybbon do the work for you. Our Smart Global Choice feature can detect a recipient’s location and automatically present a selection of rewards that are available in their country. It even automatically converts the reward value into the appropriate currency. 

Rybbon is also the only rewards management system that provides 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards, so there’s no risk of wasting money. You’ll know that every bit of your budget is going toward getting more customer feedback.  

Voice of the Customer Success

Knowing what your customers are thinking and how you can improve their experience — and your success — means you need enough feedback to provide a truly representative sample. If the voice of the customer doesn’t come through your surveys loudly enough, you won’t be able to hear it. That’s where digital rewards come in. Rybbon and Alida’s partnership makes it easy to integrate digital rewards into your CXM platform to achieve higher response rates and engagement. 

Are you ready to gain a better understanding of your customers? See how Rybbon and Alida can help!

about the author
Kristy Hartman

Kristy is a digital marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space

Kristy is a digital marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space