Weave Reaches 125% of MQL Goal Using Rewards for Demos

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    Chelsea Legendre

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    Mar 15, 2023

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Weave Reaches 125% of MQL Goal Using Rewards for Demos

Driving a steady pipeline of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) is critical for every marketing team. But quickly converting those MQLs into sales-ready demos? That’s the true sign of success. 

Weave, an all-in-one customer communication and engagement platform, brings automation and simplicity to its customers. To serve even more companies with its streamlined platform, Weave first needed to fill its funnel with new leads.

That’s where the Weave marketing team comes in — specifically their marketing operations specialists. Since they work for a company that focuses on automating tasks and bringing systems together, the marketing operations team truly understands the importance of using tools that fit within their existing ecosystem. 

Finding the Right Tool for Incentives Fulfillment 

Weave has been offering prospects a reward for attending a sales demo for years. When the program started, the team used Sendoso as their gift provider. But they “saw BHN Rewards as a more streamlined match for what we were trying to accomplish,” says Senior Marketing Operations Manager Kyle Garrett, relaying what he’d been told about the switch, which happened before he started at Weave.

With a short training on the BHN Rewards platform, Garrett and his marketing ops colleague Thomas Nilsen were able to understand — and improve — the incentives program. “We use Marketo, so we needed something that could fit in the ecosystem,” Garrett says. “That’s been the biggest draw and biggest plus of automating this fulfillment of rewards.” 

Thomas adds, “Having this platform to be able to send gift cards in bulk and have them sent automatically greatly reduces time.”

Automating Processes With Marketo and BHN Rewards Integration

Offering a different incentive every month with a different Marketo campaign could easily become a logistical headache for any team. Instead, using his marketing operations know-how, Garrett built automation inside Marketo to deliver the right reward to the right person at any time.

By combining Marketo with BHN Rewards, he took a complex program and made it come to life easily, and with minimal ongoing maintenance. Now, when a prospect lands on Weave’s website and sees an offer for a $50 DoorDash gift card, they receive it quickly upon completion of their demo. 

“Speaking from the perspective of the prospect, the speed at which we’re able to fulfill is super critical,” Thomas says. “People definitely enjoy receiving their gift cards sooner rather than later, so that’s a big win.”

Screenshot of how Weave uses BHN Rewards’ digital rewards in real time.

The integration also “helps us troubleshoot better and see how many people make it through each marketing campaign,” Garrett says. Thanks to BHN Rewards’ detailed tracking information, he can see if a reward was sent or not. When he goes into Marketo, he can then confirm whether that gift card should have been sent. 

Without an incentives management platform — and the Marketo integration — Thomas says, managing rewards “would be a full person’s job, given our gift card volume. It wouldn’t be feasible.” 

Driving More Leads and Sales Demos 

In the early days of running the demo program, the marketing team tested removing the gift card incentive. Initial results showed a drop in demos, so they quickly added the reward back. 

Now, with incentives restored as a key part of their demo program, the Weave marketing team drives hundreds of inbound demos a month! Thomas adds they they hit 125% of their overall MQL goal. 

In addition, Garrett and Thomas cite email as one of their top channels for driving MQLs on a monthly basis. “A lot of our emails are messaged around our gift card offering, and we’ve really been able to use our integration with BHN Rewards and Marketo to make that messaging more dynamic,” Garrett says. “We wouldn’t be able to offer that [incentive] in a dynamic way if we couldn’t build it inside of Marketo.”

Thomas reports that email marketing continues to drive success, frequently exceeding their monthly goal. “We feel like the integration with BHN Rewards allows us to deliver the right message to the right person,” says Garrett. “Building those automations allows us to get more complex and have a better prospect experience.”

Garrett adds: “We’ve become more efficient, more dynamic, and we’re able to provide multiple offers and fulfill all of them, which has led to a more robust email program and automation. It has definitely increased the number of marketing qualified leads with this partnership between Marketo and BHN Rewards.” 

Request a demo today to find out how BHN Rewards’ integrations can help your team reach their marketing goals, too!

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Chelsea Legendre

Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with nearly 10 years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.

Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with nearly 10 years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.