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Faster delivery without the manual processes

Rewards no longer require complicated spreadsheets that are riddled with errors and take hours to complete. Once you integrate BHN Rewards with SurveySparrow and set up your rewards campaign, you can sit back and let it do the work.

BHN Rewards automatically emails the reward when a respondent completes the survey, tracks every reward delivery, and provides you with detailed reports. If you need to manually review and approve respondents for their rewards, you can do that, too.

SurveySparrow Integration
SurveySparrow Integration

Choose the incentives style that complements your program goals

Reward style

Reward SurveySparrow respondents instantly. They’ll love choosing from our catalog of e-gift cards, prepaid Visa/Mastercard rewards, and e-donations.

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Reward style

Need to keep participants engaged over time? Reward with points. Your participants earn them for completing needed actions, and cash out later on their perfect reward.

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Hassle-free automation

Set up BHN Rewards once and we’ll take it from there.

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