Ready to get rewarding?


More referrals without the extra work

Save countless hours by integrating BHN Rewards’ digital rewards platform with Yotpo’s loyalty and referral tools. It’s easy to set up, and reward delivery can be triggered automatically when a referred customer makes a qualifying purchase. BHN Rewards’ extensive reward catalog offers compelling options for your referrers.

Yotpo Integration

Full control over your incentives program

Customize your referral program at every step, for both the referrer and the referred customer. Add your own branding to the interfaces and curate the reward selections. Set the criteria for which purchases qualify the referrer for a reward, including spending minimums and time windows. Turn on BHN Rewards’ approval workflow if you prefer to review recipients manually before sending rewards. Robust tracking capabilities let you see every reward that’s sent and claimed.

Yotpo Integration

Hassle-free automation

Set up BHN Rewards once and we’ll take it from there.

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