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Add Personalization to Your ABM Strategy With B2B Corporate Gifting

  • author

    Heather Munro

  • posted

    Jul 07, 2022

  • topic

    Digital Marketing

Add Personalization to Your ABM Strategy With B2B Corporate Gifting

Account-based marketing (ABM) — where you directly target the accounts you want with personalized content — is only growing in popularity. It’s not surprising when you consider that 87% of B2B marketers surveyed by ITSMA reported that their ABM initiatives outperform their other marketing investments in terms of return on investment.

But providing that personalization continues to be a struggle. According to HubSpot’s 2021 Not Another State of Marketing Report, 45% of organizations say delivering a personalized customer experience is one of their top ABM challenges.

B2B corporate gifting is an ideal way to engage your potential clients and add that more personal touch. Here are three ways you can leverage B2B corporate gifting as part of your ABM strategy.

Personalize the Experience for Each Account

Given the targeted nature of ABM marketing, customizing the experience for each account makes sense. It’s important to show each vertical you’re targeting that you understand their unique challenges.

One savvy way to accomplish this is by building each vertical its own microsite or landing page. You could also create a resource center on your website with account-specific categories. The point is to create content that speaks directly to the mindset of the accounts you’re targeting.

Once you choose a website approach, send your target accounts customized emails highlighting their pain points and needs, and point them to your microsite, resource center, or landing page, where you can continue the conversation.

The final touch? B2B corporate gifting that matches the persona you’ve developed for each vertical. Keep the offer relevant — and front and center online and in your email.

When Clarabridge, a customer experience management company that’s now a part of Qualtrics, sought to increase attendance at its webinars, its team made sure to offer target accounts a $10 coffee gift card for attending. The leads that took the offer had a 73% attendance rate, which was a huge increase from their average attendance rate of 40%.

Use Automation to Run Personalized Campaigns

ABM may be digital marketing’s darling, but so is automation. And with good reason.

ABM marketing strategies that rely on automation free up your marketing and sales teams’ time to create timely messages and personalized campaigns for their most valuable accounts and prospects.

It’s easier than ever to automate digital B2B corporate gifting into your email campaigns.  With BHN Rewards, for example, you can build separate campaigns and choose the gift options, value, and redemption window for each.

You can also set a limit on individual campaigns, so you don’t have to manually customize each reward by recipient. Your accounts get a personalized experience without your team having to put in extra hours.

Leverage Gifts for Personas When Planning Events

A key part of any ABM strategy is using B2B corporate gifting to attract, engage, and convert customers. When planning your next webinar or event, consider how you’re using digital rewards. Sending incentives before, during, or after the event can improve your ROI.

For example, you can send a digital reward to client accounts for accepting your personalized email invite, completing your pre-event survey, registering for or attending your webinar, participating in an activity, or giving feedback.

Again, matching the gifts to your account persona can help your organization provide a meaningful, tailored experience — not to mention establish an ongoing relationship that will help you drive results and close deals.

To learn more about how BHN Rewards can simplify your B2B corporate gifting and complement your ABM strategy, take a product tour.

about the author
Heather Munro

Based near Boulder, Colorado, Heather is a copywriter who has been writing in the retail and B2B space for more than 20 years.

Based near Boulder, Colorado, Heather is a copywriter who has been writing in the retail and B2B space for more than 20 years.