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Rybbon Featured Among Top HubSpot Integrations

  • author

    Hannah Prince

  • posted

    Jan 27, 2022

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    Digital Marketing, Company News

Rybbon Featured Among Top HubSpot Integrations

Hundreds of HubSpot customers know the value that Rybbon’s digital rewards add to their automated marketing programs — which is why our platform is now featured as one of the top HubSpot integrations. With the HubSpot App Marketplace reaching 1,000 integrations, it’s no small task to stand out among the masses. But Rybbon’s simple integration setup, seamless data sync, and great reward experience set it apart.

There are plenty of ways to use the Rybbon/HubSpot integration throughout the customer journey and as part of customer and user experience research programs. Even HubSpot itself uses Rybbon rewards to help gather more feedback about new features and products from beta testers! 

Why HubSpot Users Love Rybbon

For the marketers who use HubSpot, there are countless reasons that Rybbon’s digital rewards management platform is a great tool to add to the MarTech mix, including:

Automation and flexible controls. By setting up Rybbon’s out-of-the-box integration with HubSpot, marketers can incorporate digital rewards directly into their workflows. It’s easy to set up automatic triggers to deliver rewards instantly. Running a program that requires a little more control? No problem. Rybbon gives you options to test your campaign before going live, cap the number of rewards sent, and review and approve recipients before they receive their rewards.

A delightful recipient experience. A large part of marketing is about treating customers and prospects well so you can build trust, generate loyalty, and encourage advocacy. With Rybbon, they’ll appreciate the easy redemption and seamless experience as much as they’ll love getting the reward itself. Trusted delivery means your rewards arrive from your authorized email domain, making sure that rewards reach recipients’ inboxes and aren’t mistaken for spam. Customizable emails and redemption pages let you thank your recipients and show off your brand. And an extensive catalog of desirable rewards mean recipients get something they really want. 

Proven success at improving engagement: With the capability to support either instant rewards or points-to-rewards, Rybbon can help you see results throughout all of your marketing programs. Want to attract more webinar attendees? Increase response rates on a customer survey? Promote engagement and collect referrals from brand advocates? Using digital rewards via Rybbon can do it all. 

Here are two customers who have experienced the benefits of using one of the top HubSpot integrations by incorporating Rybbon’s digital rewards into their programs.

Quincy Bioscience Automates Lead Incentives

Wisconsin-based biotech company Quincy Bioscience incentivizes training modules to further qualify leads and teach them about its offerings. Rewarding participants used to be an extremely manual process for Digital Marketing Manager Ben Sosalla. “I was manually uploading to Starbucks one batch at a time. It was a nightmare,” he says.

Once Quincy integrated HubSpot and Rybbon, Sosalla created workflows for each campaign source. Not only was he able to approve participants so they got a reward instantly (which they love), he was also able to track every single step. “I used to run manual reports that took about 1-2 hours. Now that I have reporting in the dashboard, I can see how many gift cards we’ve sent out and how much money has been spent for each campaign in real-time.” He can also track whether a contact received their reward email and claimed their gift card.

That tracking helps Sosalla and his team become more efficient and effective over time, since they can see which campaign sources are most successful, where the most qualified leads are coming in, and where to focus their efforts. They now have a complete picture of their marketing campaigns and overall lead funnel.

SmartBug Media Builds ROI for Virtual Meetings

Another marketing manager who was thankful to find Rybbon is Hannah Shain of SmartBug Media. She discovered the platform in the HubSpot App Marketplace as she searched for a way to distribute gift cards to prospects who scheduled and attended a sales meeting with SmartBug at HubSpot’s 2020 virtual Inbound conference. The problem was that the conference was only a week away. 

“We chose Rybbon because it aligned with our need to quickly set up the campaign,” Shain says — the whole process took just 30 minutes. Offering an incentive helped the SmartBug team pre-book 19 meetings in that one week, and 74% of those prospects actually showed up. “We had zero meetings from organic traffic to our virtual booth,” Shain said. “If it weren’t for Rybbon and our campaign push, ROI from this event would have been dismal.”

The best part? That success is easily repeatable, since “you can basically ‘rinse and repeat’ across events,” Shain says. Rybbon’s integration and automation let her team set up the campaign and then just watch the leads roll in. 

Now It’s Your Turn to Experience One of the Top HubSpot Integrations

No matter where your marketing campaigns need a boost, Rybbon’s integration with HubSpot can help. Combined, these two powerful platforms make it easy and effective to manage digital rewards. 

Contact us to discuss your needs, or sign up for a free account today!

about the author
Hannah Prince

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.

Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.