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Increasing Lead Generation by 20% With Digital Rewards Management

  • author

    Chelsea Legendre

  • posted

    Apr 05, 2023

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    Digital Marketing, Sales, Case Studies

Increasing Lead Generation by 20% With Digital Rewards Management

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS), a video software provider for observation and recording, was on a mission: Find one tool that could help fulfill multiple marketing needs, namely driving conversions at conferences and supporting a customer advocacy program. 

Digital incentives provided an ideal solution to support both goals. And with the addition of the BHN Rewards platform — and HubSpot integration — the team now has a simple way to promote lead generation and nurture existing prospects and customers. 

Reducing Time Spent on Physical Gifting Logistics

“We were looking to provide a way to digitally send rewards to customers and leads,” says Karl Fauerbach, Digital Marketing Specialist at IVS. “We were hoping to find a simple yet automated solution to provide multiple and versatile gift options that helped drive lead generation and customer feedback initiatives.”

Prior to BHN Rewards, the marketing team would spend hours searching for and shipping physical gifts to the 10-plus conferences they attend annually. When compared with digital rewards, Fauerbach says, “the logistics that go into physical gifts take up a lot more time and effort.”

Using digital rewards “helps us efficiently find rewards, design the campaigns, automate the recipient info, and send rewards — saving us hours on campaign management throughout the year,” says Fauerbach. 

Not only does the IVS marketing team reduce their workload for every event, they also can incorporate digital rewards into other marketing programs. 

Building a Customer Advocacy Program

Next on the team’s list of initiatives: driving customer advocacy. 

But before they started building an advocate program, they committed to first implementing an  efficient rewards process. The team needed a way to reward advocates who share reviews, testimonials, and user stories. 

“Finding a vendor like BHN Rewards did exactly what we needed for the program to make sense,” says Fauerbach. Across one year, the team was able to collect over 50 customer stories and reviews by offering incentives.

Now IVS has one solution that fits their needs for two different marketing programs — but the optimizations don’t end there.

Integrating With HubSpot to Automate Rewarding 

Another great time-saver for the IVS team is integrating their digital rewards management solution with their CRM, HubSpot. Syncing information between both systems allows the marketing team to quickly auto-populate information captured in HubSpot into their reward campaigns. 

The BHN Rewards-HubSpot integration supports both IVS’ conferences and advocacy programs. For conferences, event forms are automated to send rewards to eligible attendees. And through a HubSpot workflow, when an advocate signs up for the program, they receive their reward quickly and without any extra work from Fauerbach. 

“Having a reward system synced to HubSpot has helped us create and maintain a centralized system for all digital assets in regard to our lead generation,” he says. “It makes data simple and efficient to manage.”

Improving Campaign Efficiency by 30%

By using BHN Rewards for their marketing campaigns, Fauerbach and his team create more efficient processes both before and after their events. “The BHN Rewards centralized platform saves us time researching and purchasing product giveaways,” he says. “Preparing the setup and logistics of sending rewards has increased our campaign efficiency by 30%.”

Plus, with a customer base that includes higher education contacts who may not be able to accept gift cards, the option to allow recipients to donate their rewards to different charities is a huge benefit. 

“Since the implementation of BHN Rewards, we have also created more marketing campaigns and giveaways at every show, which increased lead generation by 20% per year,” says Fauerbach.

He adds: “BHN Rewards really allows us to automate a big piece of the process and make it a much more fluid way to create incentives for lead generation.”

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about the author
Chelsea Legendre

Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with over seven years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.

Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with over seven years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.