Market Research Firm Automates Survey Incentives for Faster Responses

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    Chelsea Legendre

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    Jun 28, 2023

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Market Research Firm Automates Survey Incentives for Faster Responses

Actionable Research was facing a constant battle trying to track completed survey responses and who received their reward afterward. 

“Managing post-survey incentives had been a serious time burden,” says Founder and CEO David Cristofaro. “Rewards that slip through the cracks become a reputation issue.”

It was clear this market research consultancy needed a global incentives management platform that could handle rewards for all types of research — surveys, one-on-one interviews, group panels, and more.

The Challenges of Handling Incentives Manually In-House

Katie Crain, Senior Client and Project Manager for Actionable Research, says she continually faced several obstacles while distributing incentives without a management platform, including:

  • Spending valuable time manually sending rewards one by one.
  • Guessing what kind of rewards “recipients might like and might motivate them to participate.” 
  • Trying to send gift cards globally — “even using Amazon was a massive challenge for us.”

Cristofaro adds: “If you’re distributing to the big five countries in Europe, you have to log in to all separate five Amazon sites, maintain a login, and translate everything.”

“Maybe most important, if you have an honest mistake and rewards aren’t distributed, you could wind up in a situation where people are angry with you and you don’t even know why,” since the team had no reward insight, says Cristofaro. 

Sending Global Rewards Instantly 

Now, Actionable Research can focus more on surveys and less on rewards, Cristofaro says. “Working with BHN Rewards has helped us a ton by making sure that we can get everybody’s honoraria in a timely manner without missing anyone.”

Plus, the team benefits from not having to search for and choose rewards for multiple countries, thanks to BHN Rewards’ Smart Global Choice. It’s all done automatically within the platform. 

Crain says, “Now that we are using BHN Rewards, we don’t need to know what’s available in any given country. With BHN Rewards, we can go, ‘Take your pick of the rewards offered in your location.’” 

That flexibility does more than just improve the recipient experience. “Being able to offer options presents us as more professional,” Cristofaro says.

Saving Time by Integrating Voxco and BHN Rewards

Another great time-saver for the Actionable Research team is integrating incentives with their survey platform, Voxco. Connecting BHN Rewards to Voxco ensures smooth delivery and minimizes Crain’s administrative burden. 

“It has massively cut down on the amount of time it takes to manage any one of our survey projects,” she says. “We run individual surveys that range from 200-500 respondents. Then I had to manually take those emails and enter them one by one into Amazon … It was utterly ridiculous. Now, with BHN Rewards, there’s literally no setup time. I take one link from BHN Rewards and copy it into Voxco, test it, and I’m ready to go.”

In fact, she says, “we never have to touch [our survey incentives] again.”

Crain’s day-to-day went from manually sending out rewards to simply checking in on the status of her incentive campaigns. She then confirms that the number of reward recipients matches the number of survey respondents in Voxco. Simple as that.

Greater Survey Response Rates

Reducing administrative time on sending incentives hasn’t been the only advantage for the Actionable Research team. “We have seen greater response rates because the recipients receive their reward instantly,” says Crain. 

Response speed has also improved. “We see more immediate jumping in now on responding to a survey,” says Crain. “We’re really clear in our email invitations that you get your choice of gift card and the timeframe that they’ll receive it. We have definitely seen a quicker response to survey invitations.”

Crain contributes the faster response time to repeat survey participants. Once someone has completed a survey from Actionable Research, the respondent now knows and trusts they will be sent their reward quickly, encouraging participants to jump at future survey opportunities.

“Having an [incentives] offering that’s more fully baked and complete speaks to the Actionable Research brand,” says Cristofaro. “It offers us the opportunity to have a higher sentiment among our respondents. We’re going to get projects done faster, and that’s going to make our clients happier. We’re going to be more profitable.”

Visit our integrations page to learn more about using BHN Rewards with Voxco and other research platforms!

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Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with nearly 10 years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.

Chelsea is a multifaceted marketer with nearly 10 years of experience spanning strategy development, product marketing, and content. She now focuses on customer engagement and success.