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Rybbon and Uber for Business Partner to Support Reopening Offices Safely

  • author

    Kristy Hartman

  • posted

    Oct 13, 2021

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    Digital Marketing, Employee Rewards, Company News

Rybbon and Uber for Business Partner to Support Reopening Offices Safely

The pandemic has forced many changes and raised questions about everyday issues, from where people work to how events are held to which kinds of travel and transportation are safe. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is our ability to adapt and transform tried-and-true processes into new and innovative practices. To help with that innovation, the recent partnership between Rybbon and Uber for Business gives business leaders an extra tool for reopening offices safely — more accessible, cost-effective digital gifting.

As workers begin returning to the office, companies are again evolving and seeking new ways to keep onsite and remote employees engaged, safe, and working as a team regardless of their location. Here’s how Rybbon, in tandem with Uber for Business, can help businesses support all employees, boost internal and external event participation, provide safe and clean transportation, and promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

Enrich the Office Landscape With Digital Rewards

In today’s new normal, all companies must prioritize their employees’ safety. However, there are many questions that business leaders are asking as they decide how to move forward. No matter what approach you opt for — a total return to the office, the continuation of remote work, or a hybrid working model — it will come with its own set of challenges and opportunities. To help you better navigate the reopening of your office, we’ve highlighted some of the most pressing questions that business leaders are facing and how digital gift cards can make a difference.

How can we make it safer for employees to commute to and from the office?

A primary concern of workers who rely on public or mass transportation is traveling to and from work without stepping foot in a taxi, bus, subway, or train. Using the tagline “No Mask. No Ride,” Uber provides a healthier environment for returning office workers who require transportation. However, Uber safety policies don’t end with COVID-19 prevention measures. Protocols to ensure passenger safety are of utmost concern and include driver background checks, an in-app emergency assistance button, GPS tracking, rider phone number anonymization, and much more.

Although Uber, on average, is less expensive than a cab, it’s typically more costly than mass transportation. Daily rides to and from the office can be a financial concern for some workers returning to the office. You can make it easier on your employees and their wallets by subsidizing their travel costs with a monthly Uber digital gift card or including Uber digital gift cards as a selection in your benefits offerings.

As employees begin to return to the office, how can we make it a seamless transition?

The expectation is that offices won’t look or function like they did pre-pandemic. Only 13% of employees want to work from the office full time, and about 42% say that if long-term remote work options are not offered, they will look for another job. Office reopenings will be anything but business as usual.

With social distancing mandates still in effect, the traditional cafeteria or buffet lunches will give way to new dining experiences. In addition to increased sanitation procedures, companies are adapting by offering grab-and-go lunches, food for order, and more outside dining facilities. In the words of Warren Leeds, founder, and CEO of Dartcor, “People are happy when they’re eating great food and, historically, doing this with their coworkers.” Rybbon and Uber for Business can help you to deliver lunchtime perks. By incorporating Uber and Uber Eats digital gift cards into your reopening plan, you’ll be providing employees with a choice of meal options — easing their transition back to the office environment.

How can we bridge the gap between in-office and virtual employees?

While it may not be fair, employees who return to the office could be at a distinct advantage over their work-from-home counterparts. While this is probably not the goal of business leaders, office workers will benefit from getting more face time and being included in the spur-of-the-moment meetings, which can lead to better performance appraisals, higher bonuses and annual raises, and more advancement opportunities.

One way to ensure equal footing for all employees is to incorporate more team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and training activities that provide workers — regardless of location — the same opportunities. Turn one of your activities into a lunch-and-learn using Uber and Uber Eats digital gift cards. Up the ante during a brainstorming session and reward the best idea with a $25 digital reward of the employee’s choice. Or give the employee a digital gift card of increased value if their idea is implemented. This win-win scenario helps you get the high-quality ideas you need while keeping all employees engaged.

With safety top-of-mind, how can we promote employee vaccinations?

While some employees may not want the COVID-19 vaccine, others might not have gotten it simply because they’re struggling with the logistics of getting to a vaccination site. Regardless of whether the employee has returned to the office or is working from home, you can encourage vaccinations by providing an Uber digital gift card that they can use to safely and securely travel to and from the vaccination site.

These are just some of the key concerns that business leaders have as they prepare for workers to return to the office. Consider the future of events, for example. Although more significant events are moving forward with in-person attendance, many smaller ones will remain virtual. Either way, attendance is imperative for return on investment, so drive participation with Rybbon and Uber for Business. Give in-person event attendees a way to safely and securely get to and from the conference using Uber digital gift cards. For both in-person and virtual events, you can also boost sign-ups by offering attendees a $25 digital gift card of their choice.

Set Your Office Reopening Plans Up for Success

Taking the guesswork out of your return-to-the-workplace plans requires complete transparency and an innovative approach to what will (most likely) be a hybrid working environment. In a united front, Rybbon and Uber for Business can help you with the transition. This partnership provides you with countless opportunities to make your work environment one where all employees feel safe, valued, engaged, and productive.

Are you worried about the cost or administrative time of digital rewards? Don’t be. Rybbon provides a complete solution that easily automates and streamlines the process. Digital rewards are automatically sent from your trusted email domain, enabling you to personalize the message and promote your brand. As a budget-friendly platform, Rybbon automatically provides a 100% refund for any unclaimed rewards. By incorporating digital rewards into your return to the office, you’ll be setting your employees, yourself, and your business up for success.

Are you interested in learning more? Get started with Rybbon and Uber rewards today!

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Kristy Hartman

Kristy is a digital marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space

Kristy is a digital marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space