How to Get Gift Cards for Your Business

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Many businesses today use gift cards as a valuable incentive for prospects, customers, and employees alike. Although it’s possible to purchase gift cards individually for your campaigns and programs, that’s a time-consuming and impractical solution. The best way to get gift cards for your business is to implement a rewards management platform. By using a well-designed rewards tool, it becomes quicker and more convenient to incorporate gift cards into your business processes.

How Should Businesses Use Gift Card Rewards?

Businesses can use gift cards in a number of ways that help them grow and succeed, such as:

  • As thank-you gifts for suppliers and clients to show appreciation.
  • As customer rewards to encourage brand advocacy.
  • As incentives for employees to improve morale, productivity, and retention.

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Can Businesses Purchase Gift Cards Individually?

While it is possible for businesses to purchase gift cards individually, that is rarely an effective solution for marketing or employee programs, which usually have many recipients. Buying gift cards individually directly from the retailer is difficult in these situations because:

  • It is very time-consuming, especially if you want to offer gift cards from multiple brands.
  • It’s difficult to monitor spending among multiple websites and to track reward redemptions.
  • You can’t offer recipients a customized, branded, and flexible experience that lets them choose the reward they want.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Rewards Management Tool?

A more convenient alternative to purchasing separate gift cards is using a rewards management platform to send digital gift cards. The advantages include:

  • Convenience. It’s far simpler, quicker, and more straightforward to use a rewards management tool, where setup and delivery can be done all in one place.
  • Easy tracking and invoicing. With robust tracking and reporting capabilities, the right rewards tool let you stay on top of what gift card rewards have been sent, which ones have been claimed, and how many are available.
  • Cash back for unused rewards. A good rewards management tool like BHN Rewards offers 100% refunds for any unclaimed rewards, saving the business money.
  • Many reward choices in one place. With many options to pick from, a rewards management tool ensures recipients will find something they like. BHN Rewards’ catalog includes not only digital gift cards, but also prepaid cards and e-donations.
  • A customized experience. You can give recipients a personalized experience by adding the business’s own branding and message.
  • Integration with existing tools. Finding a rewards platform that connects seamlessly with the tools you already use makes it even more convenient to purchase and send gift card rewards.
  • Easy campaign management for multiple rewards programs. If a business operates several rewards campaigns simultaneously, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything. A rewards management tool allows various programs to run together without any confusion. It also lets you see tracking and reporting on both a campaign and overall program level.
  • Data security and compliance. With the right rewards management platform, you can be sure that both your company’s financial information and your recipients’ personal details are secure and protected.

How Does a Business Find the Right Gift Cards for Global Recipients?

Businesses often need gift cards for overseas recipients, whether they’re used as incentives for remote team members or international customers and prospects.

It can be difficult to buy gift cards for overseas recipients, since many brand-specific cards are redeemable only in the country where they were purchased. Currency conversion and, if you try to use physical gift cards, shipping costs can also be issues.

Fortunately, BHN Rewards can help by offering an impressive range of gift cards for overseas recipients. Its rewards management platform makes it possible to automatically curate lists of gift cards to suit recipients in different countries. Gift cards are also available in different currencies and values.

How Does the Process of Ordering Gift Cards Work?

Ordering gift cards via BHN Rewards is quick and straightforward. Once you set up a BHN Rewards account and get approved, you can create campaigns in minutes by selecting your reward value and options, adding your recipient list, and customizing the reward email and redemption page.

It’s also very simple for the recipient to use their gift card. They instantly receive an email containing a link that they click to redeem their reward.

If you want to use gift cards for your business to reward prospects, customers, and employees, BHN Rewards is the solution you need. The easy-to-use and enterprise-ready digital rewards platform helps you seamlessly add rewards to your campaigns and workflows.