How to Reward Employee Performance

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There are several ways to reward employee performance. Companies can show their appreciation by giving verbal or written praise, offering perks like social activities, or giving monetary gifts. All can be effective, although employees especially appreciate receiving financial incentives for high performance at work.

Why Do Companies Reward Employee Performance?

There are many reasons for companies to reward their employees for their performance. They include:

  • Companies want to avoid a high staff turnover. Recruiting and training new employees is expensive. If businesses can create a positive working environment, staff are more likely to stay with the company. That will reduce recruitment and retention costs overall. It also ensures that talent stays with the company. As a result, the brand benefits from its workers’ experience and skill in the long term.
  • Recruiting the best talent is imperative in today’s competitive business world. Finding ways to encourage the most skilled candidates to apply for vacancies is critical. Offering employee rewards is a good way of achieving that goal. Rewards can help to create a positive workplace culture and an environment where employees are happy at work. Businesses with a reputation for their positive workplace environment are most likely to prove popular with applicants when vacancies arise.
  • Boosting customer satisfaction is very important for any business. Giving employee rewards for high performance keeps workers satisfied and feeling good about their workplace. A happy team works harder and has a more positive attitude. Thus, customers are more likely to get service that keeps them happy as well. As a result, the company’s reputation gets a boost, and the brand name becomes better known.
  • Companies want to maximize productivity to increase their revenue. Employees who receive rewards for performing well will try harder to impress and be more productive, which makes the business more profitable and successful.

Do Employee Performance Rewards Have to Be Financial?

Not necessarily. Written or verbal praise is important to show gratitude to your team members. Employees want to know that the company appreciates their hard work, which you can ensure with a simple thank-you note or even just a public mention in a meeting. However, non-financial rewards are only part of any good employee performance reward package.

Some companies offer perks to employees as a reward for their performance. Extra days off, social activities, or rewards like gym passes and free meals are popular choices. While these incentives are appealing in their own right, they have limitations. Not every employee can make use of the current employee reward programs your company may offer, especially with the increase in remote work.

For this reason, monetary incentives have a special place. They can boost staff performance even more and enhance productivity. Financial rewards are suitable for every worker in any location. Therefore, they are a catch-all solution to maintain high morale and work quality.

What Kind of Financial Rewards Can Employers Give Their Workforce?

There are several financial rewards employers can give their workforce. These include:

  • Pay raises
  • One-time bonuses
  • Gift cards

Pay raises and financial bonuses are obviously beneficial, but they can cause problems that lead to a negative environment. If only some people are rewarded, those who didn’t can become dissatisfied or jealous.

Gift cards, on the other hand, are a great solution. They offer a nice gesture to high-performing employees without changing the actual compensation package. Since they come in different amounts and types, they are also suitable for a wide variety of situations.

Why Give a Gift Card as an Employee Performance Reward?

There are many excellent reasons to give gift cards as employee performance rewards, including:

  • They are convenient, as the giver can send them instantly by email.
  • They come in different values and currencies.
  • They’re suitable for both remote and in-office workers.
  • They are available for many different brands and companies.
  • They allow the recipient to choose the right gift for them and create a memorable experience that they’ll enjoy.

What Kind of Gift Cards Make the Best Employee Performance Rewards?

BHN Rewards offers a wide range of digital gift cards to suit all kinds of companies and needs. You can choose from cards for specific brands like Amazon or Walmart. You can also opt for prepaid MasterCard or Visa cards. These give recipients much more flexibility in regard to where they spend their reward. BHN Rewards also makes it easy to purchase gift cards for companies overseas and in a range of currencies. With all these options, you are sure to find the perfect gift cards for your workforce.

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