How to Send a Virtual Gift Card

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Sending a virtual gift card is quick and easy. The first step is to select the virtual gift card of your choice. After that, you choose an amount and enter the recipient’s name and email address. You can buy as many gift cards as you want, for multiple friends, family members, or clients. Once these steps are complete, just check out to enter your payment information. The recipient will receive their virtual gift card almost instantly.

What Will a Recipient Receive When I Send Them a Virtual Gift Card?

When you order a virtual gift card for somebody, you’ll want to know what the recipient actually gets. Here’s what your family, friends, or business clients can expect:

  1. First, the recipient will get an email to notify them that they’ve received a virtual gift card. It will also tell them how to claim it so it can be used.
  2. When the recipient claims the virtual gift card, they can activate and register it. To do this, they will typically need to enter their name and address.
  3. Finally, after registering, the recipient gets their virtual gift card number. They will get an activation code, along with an expiration date.
  4. At this point, they can use their card to make a transaction and purchase something of their choice.

Can I Send Virtual Gift Cards as a Reward or Incentive?

Virtual gift cards are an excellent choice for rewards or incentives. They can help give marketing campaigns a boost and allow businesses to engage more effectively with consumers and customers. Furthermore, they’re a great option to create more loyalty for your brand or incentivize staff to improve productivity.

What Kind of Virtual Gift Cards Can I Choose?

There are many excellent digital gift cards available to pick from. Many are for well-known brands and popular stores. Alternatively, you could select a virtual Visa or Mastercard gift card, which recipients can use at a wide range of retailers. Sometimes, recipients can even use them to purchase items in physical stores.

There are digital gift cards available to suit all preferences, including:

  • Clothing and fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Technology and gaming
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Dining in and out
  • Groceries
  • Books and music
  • Homewares
  • Sporting activities, clothing, and equipment
  • Gifts
  • Cosmetics

Can I Send a Virtual Gift Card to Someone Overseas?

Usually, a recipient can use a virtual gift card only in the country where it was purchased. However, you can purchase a virtual gift card for use in the recipient’s home country. BHN Rewards, formerly Rybbon, offers virtual gift cards for countries around the world, including the U.K., Australia, Germany, and Canada, among others. These virtual gift cards are in the recipient’s home currency. This means you can send and receive the gift cards in exactly the same way as a domestic virtual gift card. Start thinking about purchasing a virtual gift card from BHN Rewards today!

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