What Are Good Sales Incentives?

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Good sales incentives work to motivate sales teams to maximize their efforts and close more deals. When you are offering sales incentives, they need to be compelling enough to serve as motivation, so choose something that team members will value and appreciate Some of the best sales incentives are gift cards because there are countless types, they come in any denomination, and they’re a popular reward that will appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

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Do Trips Still Make Good Sales Incentives?

A popular motivator for sales teams has traditionally been sales incentive trips. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and made travel more difficult, however, many companies had to stop these trips. That doesn’t mean that travel-related rewards are good sales incentives anymore

Even sales team members who spend a lot of time traveling as part of their job dream about their next recreational vacation. Giving gift cards for hotels or airlines are a great motivator and will encourage them to take time off and avoid burnout. Rewards for accommodation sites like Hotels.com and Airbnb give employees flexibility in choosing where to want to stay, both in regard to type of lodging and location. E-gift cards for an airline, such as Delta or Southwest, are another great sales incentive, especially for the highest-performing representatives.

Can Sales Incentives Boost Employee Well-Being?

Working in sales can be stressful. Trying to achieve targets is a high-pressure job, and it can take its toll on employees. Some of the best sales incentives, therefore, prioritize employee well-being. Here are three options:

  1. Many rewards that sales teams will appreciate also foster a healthy lifestyle. For example, an REI digital gift card encourages employees to get out of the office into the great outdoors. An Under Armour or Nike e-gift card lets workers invest in some gear for their workouts or favorite sports. A Topgolf digital gift card offers the perfect opportunity for a fun, active outing with friends or family. Since healthier employees are happier and more productive, it’s a win-win for your business!
  2. A Spafinder gift card is another way to encourage workers to show themselves some self-care. After working hard to maximize their sales, employees could benefit from taking some time to slow down and unwind. Just a little pampering helps high-performing sales agents feel appreciated, valued, and motivated to work hard in the future.
  3. When employees spend long hours in the office talking to customers and prospects, they may be taking mealtimes — skipping lunch or delaying dinner by staying late — to help them meet their sales goals. You can help boost employee well-being by offering sales incentives that promote healthier eating. For example, a Hello Fresh e-gift card can help busy workers make more nutritious and well-balanced meals for themselves. Digital rewards for restaurants with healthier options, such as Subway, can be good option for office lunches on busy days. Good nutrition and productivity go hand in hand, so it makes sense to offer this sales incentive.

Can Sales Incentives Help Promote the Company’s Values and Ethos?

Not all sales incentives have to be monetary rewards to the team members. More people than ever before want to work for a company with positive values and a charitable ethos. They want to give back, and they value an employer that shares those sentiments. Giving to good causes also raises the profile of your business and boosts your brand’s reputation.

One sales incentive option is to give to your team members the opportunity to donate their reward to a charitable cause. It’s possible to choose digital gift donations to organizations like the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and National Park Foundation. Giving this kind of incentive choice shows employees that your business truly cares and wants to help its teams contribute to the greater good.

Do Prepaid Mastercards or Visa Cards Make Good Sales Incentives?

Giving prepaid digital Mastercards or Visa cards as sales incentives works very well, especially when you have international teams. These types of prepaid rewards can be used for a wide range of items both online and in physical stores. They also come in different currencies and can be used in over 150 countries.

Where Do I Find Good Sales Incentives?

BHN Rewards is a leading provider of digital gift cards that you can give your team as sales incentives. With its enormous range of options to choose from, there is sure to be something to motivate your sales team. The BHN Rewards platform also offers a delightful recipient experience and robust tracking and reporting. To find out more, get in touch with BHN Rewards now to see how it can help you with your sales incentives and employee reward programs.

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