Who Sells Amazon Gift Cards?

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Buying Amazon gift cards individually from its site is time-consuming and inconvenient for business looking to use them for incentives and rewards. Rybbon.net makes it easy for companies to order and distribute Amazon gift cards and other rewards to customers, research participants, or employees. It even offers Amazon rewards for use in several different countries.

How Can Businesses Use Amazon Gift Cards?

Businesses can use Amazon gift cards for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the most common and effective include:

  • As employee rewards for a job well done.
  • As employee incentives to encourage team members to reach or exceed their targets.
  • As corporate “thank you” gifts for clients to show appreciation.
  • As part of a loyalty program for customers to encourage repeat business and brand advocacy.
  • As a way of increasing participation in market research and feedback programs.

Why Are Amazon Gift Cards a Good Choice for Businesses?

Although businesses have several options for gifting, Amazon gift cards are a great choice for a number of reasons, including:

  • They are available for all international versions of the Amazon site, so recipients can use them around the world. That makes them a suitable choice for businesses with employees, customers, or research participants overseas. 
  • They not only come in several currencies, but they also are available in just about any value. That makes it easy to select a suitable amount, depending on the purpose.
  • They give recipients many choices for what they can purchase, since Amazon is famous for its enormous product range, from books and music to clothing, homewares, and electronics.
  • They are very simple, safe, and quick to send. BHN Rewards lets businesses send Amazon gift cards instantly via email. That eliminates any costs for physical shipping. It also rules out any risk of theft in the mail. 
  • They are easy for recipients to use online with a code at checkout.
  • Amazon is a very reliable and well-known retailer that recipients will recognize and not hesitate to order from. 

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Sent to Clients and Employees Overseas?

Amazon gift cards are convenient, but it’s crucial to note that Amazon.com gift cards can be redeemed only on the U.S. site. That is because each country where Amazon operates has its own gift cards. For example, the U.K. Amazon store uses Amazon.co.uk gift cards, while the Canadian Amazon store uses Amazon.ca gift cards.

If you give an Amazon.com gift card to a client or employee based overseas, they’ll be able to spend it only on Amazon.com in U.S. dollars. They won’t be able to use their gift card on their home version of the Amazon site. For example, a recipient in England cannot shop on the Amazon.co.uk site with their Amazon.com gift card.

That doesn’t mean a recipient overseas cannot use an Amazon.com gift card. There are some items available that can be shipped abroad, but shipping costs are higher and delivery takes longer. It also limits the selection, since only certain products have that option available. Therefore, it’s best to buy an Amazon gift card that’s valid for the recipient’s local version of the site.

How Can a Recipient Use an Amazon Gift Card?

Sending and receiving Amazon gift cards with BHN Rewards is simple and straightforward.

  • Once you have your BHN Rewards account set up, you can create a new campaign, either using BHN Rewards as a stand-alone application or integrating with one of more than 20 partner platforms.
  • Select the gift card(s) you want to offer recipients, as well as the value.
  • If needed, upload or enter the recipient list, including email addresses. If you are automating reward delivery with an integration partner, you will need to follow the steps to set up the appropriate triggers and conditions.
  • Customize your reward email and redemption page with your own branding, messaging, and logos, if you want.
  • Place your order to turn on your BHN Rewards campaign.
  • When your customers, employees, or research participants receive a reward via email, they will simply click to redeem their reward, select the gift card they want (if applicable), and get the digital code they can use to make their purchase, all in just minutes.

Where Can Businesses Purchase Amazon Gift Cards for Clients, Research Participants, or Employees?

BHN Rewards is the best choice when purchasing Amazon gift cards for clients, employees, or research participants. With a range of gift cards for different countries and in different values, you’re sure to find a suitable option. Contact us to find out more about how BHN Rewards can help you with your Amazon gift card needs, and check out the full selection of available rewards.

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