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Rybbon Automates Rewards for Voxco Surveys

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    Rida Khan

  • posted

    Apr 23, 2020

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    Company News

Rybbon Automates Rewards for Voxco Surveys

Rybbon announces its latest partnership, providing automated rewards for Voxco’s survey software and online data collection platform. Widely respected for its unified platform, Voxco provides a broad suite of survey modes across North America, Europe, and Australia, offering an omnichannel platform that gives respondents options. With Voxco, you only need to script a core questionnaire once, then the respondent can decide by what means they want to complete the survey. And now, with Voxco’s integration with Rybbon , respondents can also choose a reward for completing a survey.

Rybbon’s collaboration enhances the Voxco customer experience by driving higher survey response rates through rewards for respondents. Regardless of how Voxco presents a survey, Rybbon seamlessly wraps up the experience by letting respondents choose a reward. These rewards create an incentive for participants to complete a survey thoroughly, and Rybbon’s sleek integration with Voxco increases survey data validity by promoting increased and balanced response rates .

Offer Customized Rewards

No matter which channel is used by customers (phone, email, in the field, or online) rewards can be offered to qualified respondents with ease. Multiple studies can be managed and tracked separately, too – Rybbon provides campaign management with real-time reporting of all rewards within each project.

Set up takes just minutes, and the reward experience is branded and customized for Voxco customers. And, if a respondent doesn’t claim a reward, there’s no cost to Voxco customers since Rybbon provides a 100% refund on all unclaimed rewards! 

Voxco Customers Benefit from Offering Rewards

Survey rewards can be applied to any market sector, from government and public opinion surveys to patient care and market research. Data security is protected and meets stringent requirements . The process is automatic and safe from survey delivery to reward redemption.

Reward emails are sent to respondents using the customer’s trusted email domain to maintain brand recognition and trust. When a survey is completed, they receive immediate reward options as determined by Voxco’s customers – securely and safely.

With Rybbon’s seamless integration, Voxco customers now have a convenient solution to incentivize respondents and increase sample size; collecting more data with streamlined reward delivery.

Set up an account for free and start sending rewards with your first campaign in minutes.

about the author
Rida Khan

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.

Rida is a creative marketing professional who specializes in innovative marketing solutions for the technology space.