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4 Organizations That Found Success Using Survey Incentives in Different Ways

  • author

    Heather Munro

  • posted

    Sep 08, 2022

  • topic

    Academic Research, Market Research

4 Organizations That Found Success Using Survey Incentives in Different Ways

Whether you’re collecting responses for academic studies or marketing research, you already know that survey incentives can improve the quantity and quality of your responses.

Research shows that rewards will typically lift response rates by 10%-15%, depending on the quality of the incentive and its appeal to your target audience. Determining what resonates with your target audience can dramatically affect your ability to get the accurate, actionable insights you need to succeed.

To help your organization incorporate and optimize survey incentives, here are success stories from top companies that have used them successfully.

Academic Research Lab Boosted Response Rates Through Testing

Virginia Commonwealth University is a research leader among public institutions. Its research lab piloted a survey to test varied rewards and tactics — including physical and digital gift card incentives, a prize drawing, and even just different invitation styles — to see how each affected response rates.

The winner? Survey incentives in the form of digital gift cards. In fact, the lab director called the incentives the “single most important factor in increasing response rates.”

Automating the reward delivery with BHN Rewards also saved the team money and time, allowing them to focus more on their primary goal: research. Learn how they tested their way to success.

HubSpot Fuels Innovation With Survey Incentives

With over 150,000 customers, HubSpot is constantly innovating its products and services to give its clients the best possible user experience. When the UX team wants to pilot a prototype, they turn to their clients across more than 120 countries.

HubSpot wasn’t necessarily looking to raise response rates, since its client base was already highly engaged. But during the pandemic, the company wanted to make sure their customers knew how much their participation was appreciated. By rewarding customers for their feedback, HubSpot not only extended goodwill, the company also found that it was able to collect even more data and get even better engagement Discover why HubSpot considers incentives a “game-changer.”

Pandora Seamlessly Engages Customers to Gain Valuable Data

Pandora manages an exclusive online research panel made up of more than 75,000 of its listeners. The panel allows the music giant to collect proprietary, data-driven insights that are relevant to its advertising clients.

Keeping panelists engaged over the long term was the No. 1 goal. Over the years, it was sometimes a struggle to keep panelists satisfied and deliver the incentives reliably and efficiently. But by integrating incentives into the survey tool they already used (Qualtrics), the team finally found the solution. Easy, reliable rewards let them make the most of their panel, with members who became “more engaged than ever!” Learn more about how Pandora implemented integrated incentives for better long-term participation.

Fortune 100 Company Increases Survey Response Rate by 400%

Seattle-based AG Consulting Partners helps enterprise clients conduct surveys and gather actionable information to improve their services and concentrate on emerging areas of interest.

The company worked with a client that, like HubSpot, was using surveys to collect feedback. Unlike HubSpot, though, this company had an audience who was not engaged at all, so the response rates were dismal. AG recommended adding survey incentives, which led to four times more survey completions. See what other optimizations they made to continue to grow the program.

Want to increase your response rates and streamline gift card incentives like these organizations did? Contact us to learn more about how BHN Rewards can support your research.

about the author
Heather Munro

Based near Boulder, Colorado, Heather is a copywriter who has been writing in the retail and B2B space for more than 20 years.

Based near Boulder, Colorado, Heather is a copywriter who has been writing in the retail and B2B space for more than 20 years.