How Do Research Participants Get Paid?

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These days, people expect to receive compensation for filling out surveys and participating in research. Market and academic researchers used to pay participants with cash or a check, but now digital payment is becoming the norm.

That’s partly because the pandemic fueled growth in online research methods, both for surveys and qualitative studies. Researchers may also prefer collecting data this way because it’s faster and easier than other data collection methods.

If your research participants are completing surveys or participating in focus groups or insights communities online, it makes sense that they will bank on receiving their payment online, too. After all, the payment is simply an incentive to participate in the research in the first place. Being paid quickly will motivate participants to take part — and build trust in your organization.

What Is the Best Way to Pay Research Participants?

Digital prepaid cards and gift cards are an ideal payment option because you can automate the delivery, offering instant gratification to your participants. Once they complete a survey or finish their feedback, they’ll receive an email notification telling them that their payment is ready. In addition, digital gift cards give choice and flexibility, can be delivered internationally for free, and are highly popular among recipients.

What Tools Can Help Me Pay Research Participants More Efficiently?

Because BHN Rewards integrates with over 20 popular survey and research platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics and Krealinks, it will help you save time sending digital gift cards, freeing up your team to focus on more important research objectives and metrics.

For example, you can specify a reward value and let the platform auto-curate the selection of the digital gift cards your research participants can choose from, including automatically showing only the ones that will work in their country.

What Kind of Data Can Researchers Gather When Paying Participants?

As researchers know only too well, data is valuable. No matter what kind of research you’re conducting, incentivizing participation with digital prepaid cards and gift cards has been shown to improve the quantity and quality of your responses, which you can use to uncover more accurate, actionable insights.

Using an integrated platform to send digital gift cards to research participants can greatly simplify how you and your team:

  • Increase response rates.
  • Reward panelists for coming back.
  • Encourage focus group participation.
  • Reduce panelist churn.
  • Engage community members.

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